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Spotlight Event - April 30, 2024

Public Safety, Quality of Life Forum - Reimagining A World-Class Midtown Manhattan (in Person), Tuesday 11:00 am

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  • Balanced $237 Billion Budget Does Not Raise Income Taxes or Statewide Business Tax 
  • Governor Brokered Landmark Housing Deal to Increase Housing Supply and Protect...

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Doing Business with the Government

Why Would You Want the Federal Government as Your Customer?

The U.S. government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services.

•$500 billion per year

Full and Open Competition: Small Business Set-Asides for...

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The NYC Department of Small Business Services - New Grant Announcements

New Grant Announced to Help Businesses Prepare for Natural Disasters

The NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) this week launched a new grant to support small businesses and commercial properties in New York City floodplains become...

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2024 Womens' History Awardees

Greater NY Chamber Celebrates Women’s History Month

 New York, NY – The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, successfully hosted its Annual Women’s History Awards Reception in the General Society Library in Midtown Manhattan on March 28th.  This esteemed event drew a noteworthy crowd of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and...

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This year's honorees: Curtis Archer, President of Harlem Community Development Corporation, Subomi Macaulay, Black Women's Political Caucus, James Ford, WPIX Award Winning Journalist

Black History Awards Breakfast

Our annual Black History Breakfast Awards Reception serves as a meaningful and celebratory occasion to honor the legacy of Black leaders, trailblazers, and changemakers, while also inspiring current and future generations. This year's awardees were presented to individuals, organizations, and community leaders who have made notable contributions to various...

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How Important is Global Trade for New York City Businesses?

Global trade is immensely important for businesses in New York City. As one of the world's major financial centers and a hub for commerce and culture, New York City thrives on international trade. Richard Foy Regional Director of EXIM Export Import Bank of The United States along with Carmela...

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NY State Labor - The Office of the Business Advocate (OBA) can help you and your business.

Todays webinar was presented by New York City Commissioner’s Representative Office of the Commissioner.

NYSDOL's Office of the Business Advocate (OBA) was created in 2021 to assist businesses that are having difficulty resolving their issues with the Department. The OBA has an...

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New York State Budget Highlights presented by Secretary of State, Robert J. Rodriguez

Secretary of State, Robert J. Rodriguez presented the NY State Budget highlights at the Greater New York Chambers power netowrking lunch.

The Summary Points are:

Agreement Reached To Provide Greater Discretion for Judges...

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Having a blog for your business plays a crucial role in your overall digital marketing strategy.

Having a blog for your business can offer numerous benefits and play a crucial role in your overall digital marketing strategy. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of having a blog for your business:

Establishing Authority and Expertise: A blog allows you to...

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Reengineer Your Marketing Year! Online Presentation

Reengineering your marketing in 2024 involves adapting to the latest trends and technologies. Today's webinar was presented by Unicorn Roar & Catalyst for Small Biz.

Here are some strategies that was discussed. Tailor your marketing messages to individual preferences. Leverage...

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Thank you for your support this past year!

We would like to thank our community partners and all the members for helping us complete an effective program of work.

Hosted over 100 Online and In Person Networking Coffees, Power Lunches, Cocktail Receptions, Open Houses on Clubhouse and...

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SBA - Certifications for Federal, NYC and NYS Government Contracts

Securing certifications for Federal, New York City (NYC), and New York State (NYS) government contracts can significantly contribute to the growth of your business. These certifications not only open doors to a variety of contracting opportunities but also provide access to resources and support...

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Doing Business with Dubai

The Greater New York Chamber members were invited to an exclusive Private Luncheon for business leaders seeking to explore opportunities with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). This carefully curated event offered a unique platform to connect with DMCC Executives, engage in one-on-one discussions with high-ranking DMCC officials to gain insights...

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Outdoor Dining is here to stay! It's called Dining Out NYC & you can provide feedback on proposed rules.

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) released the proposed rules for Dining Out NYC, which will be the largest outdoor dining program in the country. Below you will find social media language, graphics, and video files that you can share with your networks to encourage people to provide...

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Access to Capital - Power Luncheon

Insightful discussion on the Power of Capital. Attendees were able to connect with JPMorgan Chase’s Senior Business Consultant-- Franco Riofrio and reviewed their various options to gain access to capital. From SBA financing to grants, business owners learned what financial information is needed to better position their business to gain access to all these...

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Mayor Adams Announces New MyCity Business Site

Mayor Adams unveiled the MyCity Business site, a new website designed to help NYC businesses save time, avoid frustration, and connect more easily with City resources. MyCity Business site is the newest phase of Mayor Adams’ MyCity portal, and will serve as an easily accessible, all-in-one resource for applications, permits, licenses, and related...

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The Nuts and Bolts of Exporting

Peter Tierney - Director of The U.S. Commercial Service - Harlem US Export Assistance Center U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration presented a webinar on the Nuts and Bolts of Exporting. He talked about the hands-on approach to what it takes to succeed in exporting your company’s product or service. He helped businesses identify...

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Annual Business and International Conference.

Friday, September 22, 2023, The Greater NY Chamber hosted its Annual Business and International Conference. Hundreds of exhibitors from all business sectors were at hand showcasing their services. There were representatives from local, city, state and federal agencies....

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Using Your Brain Before Spending Your Bucks: Marketing 2023.5

GNYCC Member; Sheila Neisler, president of Catalyt presented a very informative workshop that guided you thru the best practices as you develop and execute your 4th qtr. Marketing

Participating business owners benefited...

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Strategies for Small Businesses to Thrive

The Marketing & Branding Strategies for Small Business to Thrive presentation provides tips to create long-term sustainable growth and increased profits for your business. We identified 5 steps to create market positioning to set your business apart in a crowded field and talked about drivers of profitability that have the greatest impact on...

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Going Global with Your Business

Before expanding overseas businesses should assess their current financial health and projections. Today's webinar panelists: Richard Foy, Regional Director, Eastern Region Export-Import Bank of the United States; Man Li-Lin: Economic Development Specialist Metro NY District, United States SBA; Carmela Mamas, Director, NY U.S. Export Assistance Center, U.S....

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Celebrating Womens Veterans Day with "Proudly She Served" Book Signing Luncheon Reception

On Tuesday, June 13th - The Greater New York Chamber hosted a book signing luncheon reception to celebrate and honor Womens Veterans Day. This date was chosen to celebrate the anniversary of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act. Women Veterans Day honors the work of women in the military and...

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Mark Jaffe Keynotes at the World ECommerce Forum in Istanbul

Mark Jaffe, the President and CEO of the Greater New York Chamber was the keynote on the importance of Global Market Access. E-commerce allows businesses to reach customers beyond their local markets and tap into a global customer base. With the internet, businesses can expand their reach and sell...

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Power Networking Lunch - Building Valuable Connections

The Greater New York Chamber is all about "Growing Your Business". Another opportunity is.....Power Networking Lunches which can provide numerous benefits for businesses looking to expand their network and build valuable connections. By interacting with professionals from different industries and...

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World Trade Month Spotlights Importance of Global Trade in New York City

World trade plays a vital role in the global economy and has numerous benefits and importance in New York City and NY State. this year's celebration. This year's annual celebration was hosted by the Greater New York Chamber and the Orthodox Chamber of Commerce in the beautiful Surrogate’s Court on...

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Government Grant Resources & Assistance - How to Search for Business Grants by SBA

Small business grants can provide numerous benefits to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Here are some key advantages of receiving small business grants:

  1. Financial Assistance: Grants offer financial support that can be used for various business needs, such as...

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Few things are more important today than creating the blueprint for rebuilding and reimagining the path to bring back the greatness of Midtown Manhattan, and with still less than 60 % of the work-force returning to their offices in Midtown, the future is uncertain. Yet there are many ideas that have been floated for our future. This Forum...

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2023 Women’s History Month Recognition Awards

As part of the National Women’s History Month observance the Greater New York Chamber recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments, contributions at an annual cocktail recognition reception. It is a time to honor the trailblazers who fought for gender equality and paved the way for women to achieve their dreams. Award winners have demonstrated significant...

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Unleash Web3 Co-Founders Amanda Schlener, Lyndsey Gago, and Joanna Kurylo meet with GNYCC Executive Director Helana Natt. Not pictured above is Unleash Web3 Co-founder Mariam Nusrat. Photo taken by Ken Nahoum.

Greater New York Chamber of Commerce Announces Partnership with Unleash Web3 to bring the power of Web3 technology to businesses across the New York City metropolitan area.

Through this partnership, Unleash Web3 aims to make Web3 more accessible to businesses of all sizes, provide a link to an untapped source of revenue growth opportunities, and propel economic growth for...

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Black History Month Celebration and Recognition at the Hard Rock Cafe

The GNYCC had the pleasure of honoring this amazing group of business, community, and civic leaders at the Hard Rock Cafe. We acknowledged and celebrated all their accomplishments. Jumoke Fagbayi-Butts of JP Morgan Chase & Co., V.P. - Sr. Business Consultant - Minority Entrepreneurs presented...

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Moderated by: Ms. Man-Li Lin, Economic Development Specialist, New York District Office, U.S. Small Business Administration

SBA Loan Programs - Meet the Lenders

This week's GNYCC "Webinar Friday'" Presentation: Meet the Lenders of the SBA Loan Programs. Chamber members were able to personally meet the lenders and learn about different type of loan opportunities to gain "access to capital" to grow their business. Various lenders were on hand to speak about: 7(a), 504 and Microloan Lenders: Accompany Capital, BOC...

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New York State Budget Briefing

Roberta Reardon, Commissioner NYS Department of Labor presented to the Greater New York Chamber Members the transformative plans the Governor has for New York State’s businesses in 2023!

She spoke upon the highlights of the budget:

Rebuilding Our Healthcare Economy to Provide Care for More...

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The Economic Census Begins January 31st

The 2022 Economic Census, the U.S. Census Bureau’s official measure of American business, begins mailing out to selected companies on January 31st. Data provided by businesses fuels the most comprehensive economic statistics available. If you receive an official Economic Census letter, response is due March 15th and is required by...

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Presentation can be seen on Chamber TV

Going Global with Your Business

The EXIM Bank is the official export credit agency of the United States. Their mission is to support American job creation, prosperity, and security through exporting. This is accomplished by unlocking financing solutions for U.S. companies competing around the globe. EXIM helps level the playing field and fill gaps in private sector...

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Low Interest Small Business Loans for NYC Entrepreneurs


If you’re a NYC-based business – a startup, growth-stage business, or needing a boost after the pandemic – our NYC Small Business Opportunity Fund is a trusted, affordable way for you to invest in your...

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Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business in 2023

Are you looking for ways to grow your small business in 2023? If so, you should definitely consider stepping up your LinkedIn game. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help you reach more customers and grow your business if you use it...

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A Year in Review

Thank you for your support during this past year! We would like to thank our staff, community partners and all the members for helping us complete an effective program of work.

 We hosted over 100 online and in person networking Coffees & Cocktail Receptions, 35 "Open Houses" on Clubhouse and Linkedin and dozens of Educational Webinars...

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Interaction - Networking - Investment Reception with Indonesia

Mark Jaffe welcomes Mr. Winanto Adi, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York at the Investment Opportunities in Indonesia Reception at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in NYC.

"We are proud to continue working with our longtime...

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CBD Kratom Ribbon Cutting Reception - 10th Store in New York

The Greater New York Chamber was at hand for the Ribbon Cutting Networking Reception to celebrate CBD Kratom's opening of their 10th Store in New York and 56th overall. CBD Kratom is committed to helping customers lead healthy and fulfilling...

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Webinar presented by: Ms. Man-Li Lin, Economic Development Specialist U.S. Small Business Administration New York District Office

Access to Capital - Meet the Lenders

The Greater New York Chamber presented a webinar for businesses to meet and learn how to access capital to grow their business. The Lenders focused on assisting small businesses existing and start-up, alike, to identify financing solutions. Financing Programs discussed including Loans: 7(a), 504, Microloan, International Trade Loans, Surety Bonds, Grants...

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Networking Coffee at American Management Association in the heart of Times Square

How Important is Networking?

How important is networking in business? The American Management Association knows it. Chamber members networked over coffee in their “Times Square” location. The AMA International is the global leader in professional talent development. With 160 courses in Management, Leadership, Communications, and Women’s Leadership, the AMA will Re-Skill and Up-Skill...

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The Art of Sales and the Power of Goal Setting

Whether it is for yourself or your business, sales and goal setting is the backbone of all that you do as well as in your business.

Goals generate desire and they give you purpose. Having a positive mindset and understanding the psychology of sales is crucial to your success. Whether or not you are in a sales...

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Annual Business Expo

On Friday, Sept 23rd the Greater NY Chamber Expo hosted our annual business expo at the NY Hilton in Midtown. This all day Expo was a great opportunity to make new business contacts and meet the movers and shakers who help run NY.

Businesses also had access to learn from experts hosting insightful...

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Using Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Business Further

Using analytics helps provide guidance on where your marketing is effective, and where you can better improve how your customers experience your business. The effort to cover analytics has grown considerably since my first days in business in 2009. Even further, the switch over from Universal...

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Meet the Lenders: Access to Capital

GNYCC hosted a webinar with the SBA the focus being on assisting small businesses existing and start-up, alike, to identify financing solutions, giving businesses and entrepreneurs one on one access to meet and ask questions with a panel of lenders from different organizations to go over what you need to get money for your business! Financing Programs...

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Fostering Stronger Malaysia - US Ties

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) hosted a reception with the Greater NY Chamber attracting high-quality investment in E&E, Machinery & Equipment, Chemical & Advance Materials & Medical Technology industries. This event also highlighted the end-to-end services offered by MIDA as the single point of contact for potential...

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Networking Coffee at Saphira & Ventura Gallery

The Greater NY Chamber hosted their weekly networking coffee at About Saphira & Ventura Gallery. While networking, businesses were able to walk around and enjoy the beautiful artwork.

A centrally located NYC art gallery with international galleries and museum affiliations, represents established and...

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Nepal Investment Interaction and Networking Event

75th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Nepal and the United States of America

The Consulate General of Nepal, New York hosted an interaction and networking reception on “Investment Opportunities in Nepal” in collaboration with Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, in New York.

The event was hosted to celebrate with the business...

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Live networking events are back!

Networking never left... but in person networking is back!

The past couple couple years have presented challenges for many businesses.. but we have all learned to adapt and come back stronger than ever. The Greater New York Chamber has continued to host multiple educational webinars and networking events online each week, via zoom and clubhouse. While we...

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Mayor's Office Launches PASSPort Public

The NYC Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) is excited to announce the beta launch of PASSPort Public - a data and transparency tool intended to provide unprecedented insight into the City's procurement system by making information at every step of the procurement process available to the public. You can go to to check out the...

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