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Spotlight Event - May 22, 2024

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NY State Labor - The Office of the Business Advocate (OBA) can help you and your business.

Todays webinar was presented by New York City Commissioner’s Representative Office of the Commissioner.

NYSDOL's Office of the Business Advocate (OBA) was created in 2021 to assist businesses that are having difficulty resolving their issues with the Department. The OBA has an Ombudsman who will work within internal channels on behalf of businesses to help them resolve various issues.

What they do:

• The Office of the Business Advocate is here to assist businesses by:

• responding to all requests;

• listening to the problem and discussing the issue with you;

• ensuring that any support possible to address the issue is made available to you; and

• offering you NYSDOL training and education resources if applicable.

What they don’t do

• We cannot change New York State labor law to address individual situations.

• We cannot change time limits for filing, payment, or refunds.

• We cannot act as legal counsel for individual situations.