Greater New York Chamber of Commerce 212-CHAMBER

Spotlight Event - May 22, 2024

World Trade Week Cocktail Networking Reception, Wednesday 5:30pm


Mark Jaffe Keynotes at the World ECommerce Forum in Istanbul

Mark Jaffe, the President and CEO of the Greater New York Chamber was the keynote on the importance of Global Market Access. E-commerce allows businesses to reach customers beyond their local markets and tap into a global customer base. With the internet, businesses can expand their reach and sell products or services to customers in different countries without the need for physical storefronts or distribution networks in each location. E-commerce provides businesses with the opportunity to generate additional sales and revenue by accessing new markets and customers. With the right marketing and strategies, businesses can attract international customers and increase their overall sales volume. By leveraging e-commerce platforms, businesses can operate more efficiently and reduce expenses associated with physical operations, E-commerce provides convenience and accessibility for customers worldwide. Consumers and businesses can do business globaland shop goods and services anywhere in the world.