Greater New York Chamber of Commerce 212-CHAMBER

Spotlight Event - May 22, 2024

World Trade Week Cocktail Networking Reception, Wednesday 5:30pm

Unleash Web3 Co-Founders Amanda Schlener, Lyndsey Gago, and Joanna Kurylo meet with GNYCC Executive Director Helana Natt. Not pictured above is Unleash Web3 Co-founder Mariam Nusrat. Photo taken by Ken Nahoum.

Greater New York Chamber of Commerce Announces Partnership with Unleash Web3 to bring the power of Web3 technology to businesses across the New York City metropolitan area.

Through this partnership, Unleash Web3 aims to make Web3 more accessible to businesses of all sizes, provide a link to an untapped source of revenue growth opportunities, and propel economic growth for NYC.

Unleash Web3 Co-Founder and the Co-Chair of the Web3 Committee at Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Joanna Kurylo, says, "Blockchain technology will revolutionize how businesses operate and grow. Unleash Web3 believes in a collaborative approach to mass Web3 adoption, and business participation is a key component. That’s why launching a partnership with one of the largest business organizations in NYC was an obvious move!”

The GNYCC represents over 30,000 business and civic leaders, including entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, major and international corporations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a long-lasting impact on small businesses in New York City, with many still reporting an overall negative impact, including a decrease in revenue and sales. Web3 technology, through its underpinnings in decentralized ownership, transparency, and efficiency, provides an unparalleled opportunity to support new business opportunities, cultivate brand exposure, expand customer acquisition, and explore new revenue streams.

Unleash Web3 is excited to partner with the GNYCC to bring the power of Web3 to businesses across New York City, helping them navigate the changing landscape and thrive in the digital economy.