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UPCOMING EVENTS Interaction and Networking Reception - Investment Opportunities in Nepal
June 30, 2022
Political Action Commitee Celebration & Special Announcement
June 30, 2022
Online Networking Coffee
July 6, 2022
SBA Financing Programs
July 8, 2022
Open House Networking on Clubhouse
July 11, 2022
21st Annual Greater New York Business Expo
September 23, 2022

The Power of Capital Access to Capital with the Experts

May 13, 2022

As a part of JPMorgan Chase’s racial equity commitment, @JPMorganChase is listening to the community, building relationships and improving financial health to empower communities around the country, including right here in New York City.
As a sponsor and Member of the Greater NY Chamber Of Commerce the JPMorgan Chase Business Banking team joined the Chamber for phenomenal Small Business Friday webinar to discuss The Power Of Capital.
From community banking to community building, @JPMorganChase is empowering people by connecting them to the resources needed to achieve their financial goals. With a team 300 strong across the country focusing on financial health, housing and small business, we’re just getting started.

Check out this video and additional resources below to learn more about this work. Video: Our Racial Equity Commitment: Our Mentorship program: Community Team: