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Chamber Honors Women at Hard Rock Cafe

March 2013

Gina Bakst, Chez Ciccone , Mark Jaffe, Nancy Silberkleit, Lou Gordon, Elisabeth Benjamin, Helana Natt, Bettye Perkins, Bill McCreary, Lenore Janis & Cheryl Wills

The Greater NY Chamber honored legendary women in NYC’s Hard Rock Cafe on Times Square at a packed breakfast for 150 of its closest friends on Friday 3/22/13. The event was sponsored by New York RX Card, BALCONY, the Women’s Equality Coalition, Xelios Biometrics and ISM (In Store Marketing). The timing of the event could not have been more perfect as Governor Cuomo joined a coalition of over 500 leading Women’s Groups to support the Women’s Equality Act at a press conference earlier this month in Albany. The Chamber’s Honorees included: Dr. Bettye Perkins of Today’s Students Tomorrow’s who has provide scholarships to over 700 college students studying to be teachers; Cheryl Wills of Time Warner who anchors NY 1 and stars in TV and film; Elisabeth Benjamin of Community Service Society who helps the community and specializes in health care advocacy; Lenore Janis of Professional Women in Construction who truly broke the glass ceiling in a difficult trade for women and Nancy Silberkleit of Archie Comic Publications for helping children of all ages .

Presenters included; Dina Bakst and Katherine Bodde representing the  NY Women's Equality Coalition, Chez Ciccone of New York RX Card, Lou Gordon of BALCONY, Mark Jaffe & Helana Natt representing the Greater NY Chamber and the legendary Bill McCreary.