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Governor Paterson Calls for Fiscal Restraint

April 2008

Mark S. Jaffe with Governor David A. Paterson
Governor David A. Paterson selected the Association For A Better NY Breakfast held at the Hilton Hotel in midtown for his first major policy address to NY’s business and civic community. With close to 700 in attendance, the former state senator highlighted some of the areas that we can address to reduce the absurd rate of growth that we have faced in past NYS budgets.

Included as possible targets to help reduce what we perceive as often bloated and wasteful budgets are; several hundred public authorities, continued tax losses doled out by Empire State Economic Development Zones and a lack of reality often faced by elected officials who spend our tax dollars.

The Governor also expressed some hope that Mayor Bloomberg’s plan for improved public transit and congestion pricing may not be dead as he announced his own plans for the creation of a blue ribbon to be headed by former MTA leader Dick Ravitch.

We are proud of our newly appointed governor and feel that he is on the right track to becoming one of the best. We look forward to his continued leadership!