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•  Address PO Box 1328, New York, NY, 10159
•  phone (877) 262-3332
•  Contact Lianie Jean
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Educare for Exceptional Children, LLC
EFECLLC seeks to work collaboratively with policy makers, legislators, educators, educational leaders, and EFECLLC's members. EFECLLC Consultants are proactive in research method and effective teaching practices. As a 21st century-driven company, predominantly made up of educators, professional contractors and consultants, EFECLLC is dedicated to the effectiveness of the ethical practices.

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•  Address 222 Broadway, Suite 19, New York, NY, 10038
•  phone 646-559-0698
•  Contact John Lidington
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HireOwl is building NYC's future by connecting area startups and small businesses with talented NYC university students for internships and project-based/freelance work. We provide an on demand connection to not only source high quality yet affordable talent, but to also manage their timesheets and process payments all in one place. Increase your productivity and grow your business today at!

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•  Address 127 W. 127th Street, New York, NY, 10027
•  phone 212-534-2432
•  Contact Mary Mitchell
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Manhattan Staten Island Area Health Education Ctr.
Manhattan-Staten Island Area Health Education Center (MSI AHEC) primarily serves underrepresented minority high school and college students who are interested in the health professions. We provide programs, resources, and opportunities that will assist students in achieving their career goals.

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•  Address 1314 West 6th Street, Erie, PA, 16505
•  phone 814-397-3684
•  Contact Jilian Krause
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Preferred Systems Inc.
Offer continuing education and training to license professionals. Can certify educational programming in a variety of areas.

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•  Address 3 Milford Street, Brookline, MA, 02445
•  phone 646-765-4143
•  Contact Ruth Oshman
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reDesign LLC
Education Consultant - reDesign is about creating learning communities where adults and young people: own their learning process exercise choice nurture a powerful voice engage deeply with challenging academic material develop the metacognitive skills required to cultivate a strong enough belief in their own efficacy that they are able to make life choices that support their continued growth and learning collaborate on important work We believe that all students can become independent and passionate learners who are prepared for college, regardless of race, economic circumstance or family history.

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•  Address 90 State Street Suite 700 Iffice 40, Albany, NY, 12207
•  phone 347-488-6843
•  Contact Raysa Martinez
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Smart Vision
Educational Coaching

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