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•  Address 8 W. 126th Street, New York, NY, 10027
•  phone 757-933-0348
•  Contact Alexander Hardy
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getsomejoy is a multimedia wellness content network that promotes mental and emotional wellness among Black & Brown folks through fellowship opportunities, dynamic live events, powerful written and video content, wellness resources and education, and engagement through storytelling and therapeutic creative expression.

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•  Address 150-123 Powells Cove, Whitestone, NY, 11357
•  phone 718-767-5168
•  Contact Grace King
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Global Connection Co. of America, Inc.
Health and Wellness

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•  Address 208 Main Street, Gaithersburg, MD, 20878
•  phone 301-651-3617
•  Contact Paul Ramos
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Wu Shen Tao-Clear Circle Training Centers
Health, wellness/fitness with mind/body training.Those with careers that challenge the energy, fortitude, will, and spirit of the individual can be drained of life, vitality, and love of life itself from within. Old traumas, continual mental onslaughts received regularly as “part-of-the-job” can shake a person’s emotional core … these negative influences can cripple and cause one to freeze or to retreat. The Wu Shen Tao programs help to mitigate and heal by utilizing external body work, internal mental work and mindful breathing practices. This combination neutralizes built-up tension and unbalanced perspectives. The Military, first responders, and those at higher levels of any field, may work towards mind/body balance and thereby benefit from these individualized regimens. Currently on-going and workshop/weekend executive courses may be requested throughout the NYC and Tri-state areas & Eastern Seaboard.

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•  Address , New York, NY
•  phone 212-464-8590
•  Contact Sora Vernikoff
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Health & Nutrition

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