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•  Address P.O. Box 2604, New York, NY, 10163
•  phone 917-741-5821
•  Contact Tuhin Dutta
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Rasana Hospitality LLC.
Restaurant Consulting. Retail food product development. We are a restaurant management consultancy company based in New York. Our in -Depth knowledge and experience in Restaurant Management consultancy spread over twenty years gives us an unique edge over our competitors. Our core values of honesty,integrity and hard work the principal driving forces for all our management consultancy clients. We work with our clients as a team member. Our team of restaurant consultants give our clients individual attention to detail and provide sound advice so that they may enhance the business and get better return on their investment. We are a different kind of business consulting service. Our restaurant consultancy vision is based on the simple premise - business thrive with a competitive advantage and the achievement of real results in a given market.The business consultancy we provide is comprehensive that is aimed at the developing the competitive advantage and achieving success. With a focus on small business and emerging middle market companies, we bring our business consultancy the relevant expertise and experience that is needed to ensure success in today's competitive market.Our efforts are fueled by a strong passion to see our restaurant consultancy clients succeed and are backed by discipline ,knowledge and focus. Let us assist you achieve a new level of success- from Concept to sale

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