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•  Address 455 North City Front Plaza, Chicago, IL, 60611
•  phone 312-894-6339
•  Contact Emily Darin
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Marcus Evans THG
"THG Worldwide, Inc. (a marcus evans company)" has established itself in the vanguard of providing premium corporate hospitality services to all major sporting events. Through our 63 offices, we specialize in creating the ultimate in prestigious and luxurious experiences. We simply make once in a lifetime experiences possible! THG (The Hospitality Group) has earned its prominent reputation by providing exceptional sports hospitality environments to companies across the globe. THG fully understands the importance of creating the ideal setting for companies to entertain their pre-eminent clientele; and, that there is simply no substitute for experiencing the world's greatest sporting events in person. THG's extensive list of events includes the Super Bowl, Olympics, the Masters, & NCAA Final Four among many others. THG Worldwide events facilitate an idyllic environment in which senior executives can either entertain their key clients in VIP style while developing business relationships, or simply just indulge in a momentous sporting event. Website Blog:

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