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•  Address 150 Boradway, Suite 1616, New York, NY, 10038
•  phone 2121-791-0818
•  Contact Lori Boccadoro
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Conversano Associates, Inc.
Building and Code Consulting, DOB Filing Representatives. Helping to build New York City. Conversano Associates, Inc. provides the full range of forensic research of violations. We provide full expediting services, whether you want an updated listing of violations pending and/or dismissals or a new certificate of occupancy. We advise our clients on Construction, Plumbing, Fire Department, Bureau of Electrical Control and Housing Preservation & Development violations. We file all paperwork for residential and commercial projects. We arrange for dismissal of violations preventing the granting of J-51 Tax Abatements or obstructing refinancing of mortgage loans. We provide copies of Certificate of Occupancies, plans, and violations for the purposes of closings, documented evidence for court cases and lawsuits. We also obtain permits of all kinds, file and obtain approvals for Alteration Types one (I) two (II) and Three (III) applications. We arrange for the issuance of Temporary and Final Certificates of Occupancies and even make personal preliminary inspections

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•  Address 260 West 35th Street, New York, NY, 10001
•  phone 646-882-7576
•  Contact Louis Guzman
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Magnetic Builders Group, LLC
Construction Managers, General Contractors

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