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•  Address 229 West 28th Street, New York, NY, 10001
•  phone 212-807-6946
•  Contact Elizabeth Cross
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Fencers Club
The Fencers Club is the oldest continuously existing organization in the Western Hemisphere dedicated exclusively to teaching and promoting the sport of fencing. Since our establishment in 1883 we have remained at the vanguard, producing successive generations of Olympians and National Champions. The Fencers Club is located in the center of Manhattan, in a modern, state of the art facility with shock-absorbent hardwood flooring and 19 grounded, electronically scored fencing strips expandable to a combination of 29 training and competition strips. It also features locker rooms with showers, a lounge, a conference room, weapon repair facilities, an exercise room and an on-site fencing equipment and apparel store.

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