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•  Address Murray Hill Station PO Box1813, New York, NY, 10156
•  phone 212-889-0853
•  Contact Jamie Cosnowsky
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Jazz Improv
Jazz Magazine-Jazz Improv® Magazine is the most comprehensive periodical reference about jazz improvisation, designed for enthusiasts and improvisers alike. Jazz Improv is a magazine for all Jazz enthusiasts. Each reference-sized edition comes with a companion compact disc that provides jazz lovers an opportunity to preview full-length tracks from new and essential/reissued recordings by leading and emerging artists. Exclusive in-depth interviews, excerpts from books about jazz supply insights into the ever-evolving lives, events, ideas and contributions of jazz music's most famous luminaries. You'll also find as many as 100 detailed jazz CD reviews. Along with the full-length tracks on the companion CD, these comprehensive and insightful reviews help you make informed buying decisions. Packed with a wealth of philosophical and motivational articles, perspectives and quotations, each issue of Jazz Improv will assist you in developing a deeper appreciation and intimate understanding of America's Original Classic Art form.

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•  Address 1955 Sherman Street, Denver, CO, 80203
•  phone 303-300-2400
•  Contact Stewart Jackson
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Latin Giants of Jazz
Orchestra-Latin, Jazz, Orchestra, Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez, Palladium, Mambo, Dancing, greatest Latin band, big band, Cha Cha, music, live, authentic, world renowned, trumpet, saxophone, vocals, percussion, salsa.

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