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•  Address Lily Lake Rd, Waverly, PA, 18471
•  phone 203 733 5798
•  Contact Elizabeth Walker
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Geisinger-Marworth Treatment Center provides inpatient detox and rehabilitation services for those who suffer from alcoholism and chemical dependency. At Marworth, a foundation of treatment is established for continuing recovery that includes individual, group, family and recreational therapy. All clients are discharged with a full continuing care plan, which enables them to continue with the supports they will need to live healthy lives. In addition to treating the general adult population, Marworth provides specialized services for Healthcare Professionals and Uniformed Professionals. Marworth understands the complicated circumstances that present unique challenges to the treatment process regarding these populations and provide the best possible treatment plan and professional re-entry. Marworth is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and JCAHO accredited since 1982. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, recovery is confidential and compassionate.

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•  Address 9 Market Street, Amsterdam, NY, 12010
•  phone 888-424-2626
•  Contact Dr. Peter Olson
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Saint Jude Retreats
The Saint Jude Program offers a method to help people overcome substance use problems permanently. Through Cognitive Behavioral Education (CBE), an approach that is substantiated by an independent research company and the science of Neuroplasticity, the Saint Jude Program will help any individual take control of his/her own thoughts, choices, actions, and behaviors. With residential programs located in upstate NY, day programs located on Park Avenue in NYC, and independent study programs, Saint Jude's empowers people to learn more productive behavior pattens, accomplish goals, build his/her envisioned future, and ultimately find greater life happiness and fulfillment.

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