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•  Address 35 Journal Square Plaza, Jersey City, NJ, 08852
•  phone 201-721-6651
•  Contact Raj Subramanian
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We are a New Jersey-based Data science and Analytics firm operating since 2004. The senior management and leadership team of ECS Inc. has worked and executed large-scale projects for Gartner Inc, PWC and Accenture. Our portfolio efficacy includes Data science related services like predictive Analytics, pattern recognition and recommendation engines, Big Data services that include Data lake management and Data migration. We also provide insightful Visual Analytics and Reporting services. Ellie is our latest product addition that will transform the business processes for enterprise of any size to leverage automation, AI technologies and Machine Learning. Ellie with its automation capabilities will increase the revenues and decrease the operational costs. Adding Ellie to your business is equivalent of adding a team of professionals. Ellie can perform any set of roles such as Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Personal Shopping Assistant, Kiosk Order Taker, Scheduler, Help Desk Assistant, Executive Secretary etc. Ellie is 100% artificial with zero human intervention. However, control can be passed on to human counterparts should the necessity arise

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•  Address 1509 BUFFALO STREET EXT, Jamestown, NY, 14701
•  phone 716-665-2800
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Libera, Inc. offers a full service customizable case management system, hosting, data integration, service desk, and professional services.

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